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Great Expectations - Copeland Review Q3 2020 Copeland Review 09/30/2020
(Don't) Press Your Luck! - Copeland Review Q2 2020 Copeland Review 06/30/2020
Fire and Ice - Copeland Review Q1 2020 Copeland Review 03/31/2020
Meet the 20s - Copeland Review Q4 2019 Copeland Review 12/31/2019
How Low Can You Go? - Copeland Review Q3 2019 Copeland Review 09/30/2019
Ten Years Gone - Copeland Review Q3 2018 Copeland Review 09/30/2018
So You're Telling Me There's a Chance - Copeland Review Q1 2017 Copeland Review 03/31/2017
Taxman - Copeland Review Q1 2012 Copeland Review 03/31/2012

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The award finalists and winners were chosen using the systematic, proprietary, and multi-factor evaluation methodology developed by Envestnet | PMC’s Premium Research Solutions. Its evaluation framework considers performance, firm profile, customer service, investment process and style, composite, tax efficiency, and other quantitative and qualitative criteria. Managers had to be broadly available on the Envestnet platform and open to new investors. Managers had to have a minimum of $200 million in assets and their management team had to have more than 3 years of experience. Copeland did not pay a fee to be included in the SMA awards. The awards were based on composite performance and not representative of the performance of any single client. There is no assurance that favorable performance will be experienced in the future. Full composite performance information is available upon request.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. An investment in Copeland Capital Management strategies involves the risk of loss, including principal, as well as the potential for gain. Before investing, consider investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses.

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