Dividend Growth Over The Long Term

    U.S. Dividend Growth by Decade
    U.S. All Cap Stock Performance by Decade
    International Dividend Growth by Decade
    International All Cap Stock Performance by Decade

    Copyright 2022 Ned Davis Research, Inc. Further distribution prohibited without prior permission. All Rights Reserved. The information presented is intended to illustrate performance of All Cap and International All Cap stocks according to their dividend policy. Returns shown include dividends reinvested. This is not the performance of any strategy overseen by Copeland and there is no guarantee that investors will experience the type of performance reflected in the information presented. Strategies managed by Copeland’s investment team are subject to transaction costs, management fees, trading fees or other expenses not represented in the information presented. Dividend Growers included stocks that raised their existing dividend or initiated a new dividend during the previous 12 months. Flat Dividend Payers included stocks that pay a dividend but have not raised or lowered their existing dividend during the previous 12 months. Non Dividend Payers included stocks that have not paid a dividend during the previous 12 months. Dividend Cutters included stocks that lowered their existing dividend or eliminate their dividend during the previous 12 months. There is no guarantee that companies will declare dividends or, if declared, that they will remain at current levels or increase over time. You cannot invest directly in an Index.

    For information on the Indices shown above as well as other important information, please refer to the Footnotes & Disclosures.

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